Treasure Chest

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Behind the stairs, through the secret door, down to the basement...a box in the darkest corner catches your attention. It is a box full of secret splendors, your own little treasure chest! Since it is magical and ever changing, you will never know quite what you will find. Hurry! Great mysteries beckon...(By the way, can you tell miniaturists are always up for a good story? ). I will try to update this page often (though not making any promises) and it will contain a little information, a little entertainment, but mostly whatever whimsy that pops into my head.

Wooden Furniture Kits and Finishing

Wooden kits can be a great learning tool for the budding miniaturist. The right kit can teach you patience, technique and can give you the confidence to go on to other things. However, opening a box of a seemingly innocent dresser kit and finding almost sixty individual puzzle pieces to assemble might be intimidating to the beginner. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way that might be helpful.