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Rocky's Scratching Post

Has your mini cat been eyeing that elegant and highly intricate needlepoint chair that cost you a fortune and took you months to find? It would be a shame to find that precious dug a hole in it, now wouldn't it? The solution? A scratching post, of course!

Basic Cat Scratch Post

1/4 inch doweling
one inch square "woodsie" or other suitable base
Crochet cotton

This pattern is very simple, and doesn't take a lot of time to do. If you make the base bigger and the pole longer, you can make one of the fancy types of cat furniture as well.

Cut a length of dowel. I made mine about an inch and a half. Coat pole with glue, and wrap it snugly with crochet cotton. Continue up the pole, and around the top. You should finish with the thread in the center of the top of the pole. Cut thread, leaving enough tail to hang over edge (see picture).

Cut a piece of felt that is bigger than your base. Using your pole as a guide, trace a circle in the middle of the felt, and cut out circle. Coat base with glue, and place pole in center of base. Slip felt over top of of pole, and press felt down to the base. Glue and trim felt so it looks nice on the base.

Glue pom-pom to the end of the thread tail and you are done! Wasn't that simple:)?

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