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Shellie's Sundries

This is a great page! Shellie has a little something for everyone...if you are a crafter, there is a gold mine of DIY directions. If you are a collector, Shellie sells her creations! Check out the delicious fimo cookies and knitting project holder, among other great offerings.

Eugenia's Place

A page for all things mini...stories, poems, pictures and just plain tom-foolery. Eugenia (with the aid of her always loyal servant Crystal) also offers hints on Bunka, the highly versatile yet oft mysterious material that miniaturists whisper about behind closed doors. Don't forget to visit Crystal's Mini Mall as well! A gathering of the best and brightest miniaturists you can find (why yes, some of my creations ARE on her page!).

Laura's Page

Some projects, hints and links!

A Little Sweetness

Like the title says, a little sweetness is to be had on this page constructed by a Corpus Christi lady named Terry. She has some lovely pictures on her site, including one or two where she gives you a tour by "shrinking and walking" through her mini house... I must admit she did such a good job blending edges that for a moment I was fooled into thinking she was in a real size house! There are some DIY projects, as well as pictures of houses and lots of fun things to do.


Ever wonder how to make a dreamcatcher? Well, this site gives you several really pretty patterns! If you want to do a small one, think cloth covered wire, brown florist tape, thread, beads and feathers...

Jeanne's "Current World"

Polymer clays such as fimo and sculpey can scare miniaturists. How do I make a mold? What can and can't I do with it? How come there are flecks in my work?!!? Well, this lady maintains an extensive poly clay FAQ (frequently asked questions). If she can't tell you what to do, then she knows people who can! It is definitely worth a look if you are a poly clay user.

Happiness is...

Sammy (I'm a girl) makes some of the most beautiful miniature dolls I have ever seen. The graceful limbs, the expressful faces and the fantastic costumes all blend together to make an exquisite masterpiece. She has a pretty witch, gorgeous fairies, and many others you have to see to believe. Her prices are fantastic, too!

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