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October 1998

Hey guys, I am running out of ideas (as amazing as it seems)! Do you want to be a guest columnist? You might get a little mini out of it!

This month we are going to revisit the craft shop. This time however, we are going into what is known as the "crafter's mall". This is a place where local artisans can sell their wares without having to haul butt to shopping center shows or worry about the business of selling and security. This is a wonderful way to express your individuality and to use things that you haven't found a home for.

...And that is it. If you have an idea for a tips and hints section, please write to me. So far I have done a few reader's ideas, perhaps you can be next! Please also check the archives , as there could be an old theme that might jive with one of your own current projects!:) Also, if you have a good tip hint that you would like to share, don't hesitate to give me a note about it, You could become famous...

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