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Miniature bathrooms are special -- why would I say this? Well, for one, you can decorate without worrying "will the steam ruin this?" For two, you can do what you want without hearing "honey, I don't WANT a winged cow looking at me in there". For three, your guest towels stay clean as you want them too, and nobody undoes your carefully tied ribbons on your decorative towels to clean up a sewer leak. Four, you don't ever have to clean the tub/toilet/vanity! Sounds like the perfect room to me:).

...And that is it. If you have an idea for a tips and hints section, please write to me. So far I have done a few reader's ideas, perhaps you can be next! Please also check the archives , as there could be an old theme that might jive with one of your own current projects!:) Also, if you have a good tip hint that you would like to share, don't hesitate to give me a note about it, You could become famous...

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