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These are the projects that I am currently working on. Sometimes I just feel like bragging, other times the project just may end up on the projects DIY page!

Adirondack Chair

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The little gem was created by my husband. He is not a miniaturist, but did a fantastic job! His only tools were a craft knife, calipers, a ruler and a pencil. His only supplies were a package of painted ice cream sticks and a bottle of glue. Just goes to show you that a miniaturist doesn't need a lot of fancy tools to do a woodworking project! You must admit, this is one freakingly cool chair!

I know what you're thinking 1: "So Kim, when are you going to share the plans for this brilliant chair?" Well, it'll take a while to get it all down on paper since it was originally done without any plans. I'd guess about a month or so.

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