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December 1998

Hey guys, I am running out of ideas (as amazing as it seems)! Do you want to be a guest columnist? You might get a little mini out of it!

Happy Holidays! Let's make this a quarter inch christmas, shall we? This is a box I did after being inspired by a valentine's box in "Nutshell News" aka "Dollhouse Miniatures", circa February 1997. These are some of the things I did to make it a Christmas project. Of course, perhaps you don't want to make a christian scene -- use the same techniques to make a Chanukah scene, or whatever else catches your fancy!

This is the finished piece. Wish you could see what it looks like in real life, as the photo doesn't do it justice. My scanned image was way worse than this photo, believe it or not! A tour around the room: the little white blob by the fireplace is actually a small white persian kitten. I made her from a single small white pom-pom that I shaped with scissors (I have fiskars scissors (that you hold like in the palm of your hands and squeeze), not conventional scissors. Face and ears were painted. Behind the white kitten is the fireplace, complete with a yule log in a grate. The hearth sports two small stockings, and three cards (not really visible in the photo). Cards were just folded pieces of christmas paper. Above that lives the candy decorated wreath. To the left you can see my sword fern in a terracotta pot. To the right is my leather love seat, complete with burgandy pillows and a teddy. In front of that, a little coffee table, doily and candle in a candle holder. You can't see it well in the photo, but there is a "metal" holdy bit (technical term) that curls off the holder. It is nothing more than a curled snippet of a sequin. Coffee table is wood and bead. On the far right is the tree, decorated with candy, beads and floss. Underneath the tree are wrapped presents (I used real sized paper, creatively cut and glued over some little sawings of wood, floss for ribbon). A small penguin toy is under the tree, again hard to see, but he is there! He is two pompoms glued, painted and bowed. Inspired? Well then get to creating!

...And that is it. If you have an idea for a tips and hints section, please write to me. So far I have done a few reader's ideas, perhaps you can be next! Please also check the archives , as there could be an old theme that might jive with one of your own current projects!:) Also, if you have a good tip hint that you would like to share, don't hesitate to give me a note about it, You could become famous...

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