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Here are a few questions I have had since I started my page last December.

Q:This site is neat! Did you do this yourself, or did you have help?

A: I am proud to say that this site is now 100% my fault.

Q: I love the graphics! Where did you find them all?

A: The bulk of them came from various places on the web. They are all public domain, as far as I know. My cats and the pictures of My Minis are from my own photos.

Q: How much time do you spend on your site?

A: Usually about three hours a week, more or less. I try to update once a month, though the "Treasure Chest" page will be played with a bit more often.

Q: Do you have a favorite mini shop?

A: I have always lived in areas that do not have mini shops close by, so I do not actually have a favorite. If I absolutely can not make something, I will buy through mail order.

Q: Well, what is your favorite mail order place then?

A: A Canadian Mail order business called "Upstairs, Downstairs". It is run by Lori Peterson in Victoria, B.C. Canada. She also has a shop there which I hear is wonderful (she has a number of Canadian artisans featured)...sorry guys, she doesn't put out catalogs anymore. They were too expensive to produce, plus it is difficult to catalog artisans (just because products change from week to week...we can all relate to that...making the same thing week after week can get boring, not to mention changing your product once in awhile can entice someone who already bought one of your items to buy another one of your items...Darwinism in action;-) ). She still does mail order, just no catalog!

Q: I like the layout of your site! How did it come about?

A: Well, when I first started, I sat down and thought "What kind of web page do I like to visit?", and moved on from there. I needed a theme, so I chose my hobby. I also knew that I liked the sites that were fun and informative, with a little bit of the webmaster's personality thrown in for good measure. Every month I have tried to add a little more to my site with these things in mind, and slowly it has built up to what you see today.

Q: So, where do you live?

A: I live in Kelowna, B.C., Canada near Okanagan Lake. This lake is famous, by the way...we have our very own lake monster, the Ogopogo!

Q: I see you have cats. How do you keep them from stealing your mini treasures?

A: So far they have mostly left my stuff alone. Notice I said "mostly"! Sometimes I do have to rescue embroidery cotton or thread from being eaten but usually I can keep things out of their reach, and they are more content to watch me play anyways. Rocky likes to sleep on my lap while I mini, and Toby will go into a house or roombox for a nap, but that is usually the extent of their participation. However, one night I mistakenly left two small green leather purses on the end table. In the morning I found that I had one purse left. I could not find the other purse. I even kept an eye out for it as I packed for our moving day but did not spot it, so I am pretty sure someone had a "snack". I also think leaving the one purse behind was a message (either that the one purse was not nice enough to give away like I had intended on doing, or to put my things away or we *will* eat them!).

Q: What if I want to see a certain theme for the tips section? Can I make a suggestion?

A: You may make suggestions, and if they are reasonable (aka I can squeeze an entire page of hints out of it), I may consider them. I won't use your name, or e-mail address unless it is important to you that I do (I don't know, maybe you want to show your grandmother how famous you are or something!).

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